PDair iPad Leather Case

The nice people over at Gearzap, knowing my love of gadgets and iPads in particular, have sent me over a new iPad cover to review. I was particularly excited to see that it was a case from PDair, a brand that I am familiar with having first bought one of their cases for my Dell Axim 50 many years ago.

For those not familiar with PDair they concentrate on making quality cases for a variety of gadgets with distinctive white stiching. This one for the iPad is no different using a high quality leather and has a really nice design.

One thing that marks me out as different to some other iPad users is that I like to use my iPad naked so always look for a case that allows me to easily get it in and out and doesn’t add any bulk to the device in use. The PDair case fits the bill with its large side opening slot. Once in it is a snug fit inside, so much so that it can take quite a tug to get the iPad out again, but fortunately there is also a notch on the opposite side to the opening allowing you to also push at the same time making it easier. I am not sure that it would be possible to get the iPad in there with a smart cover on as the makers claim, which may be an issue if you don’t have a stand readily available.

The other important area to consider when choosing a case is obviously protection. The inside of the case is actually not leather but some form of hardened plastic which makes the case rigid and helps it withstand knocks this is also relatively smooth to touch so will not scratch the screen. The great thing about the case is that, unlike, say, a smart cover this case protects both the front and back of the iPad.

One final point about the case – it looks the business for business!

Lucky enough to have a new iPad and leather’s not your thing? Then Gapzap have also have a range of iPad 3 cases to choose from.

You can see pictures of the case in the slide show below.

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