Evernote Web Clipper now a Rival for Instapaper?

One of my favourite tools has got to be Evernote, the service that allows you to upload pretty much anything and have it indexed and available to search and view pretty much anywhere.

Evernote have today upgraded their Chrome Extension to extend it to offer “smart clipping”. Previously when you clipped a webpage to Evernote unless you highlighted the bit you wanted stored you simply got the weblink. Now it automagically seeks out the body of the web article and stores that. The only other app that I have seen do this is Instapaper the read-it-later service. While it is not exactly the same, Instapaper converts it into something that is more or less a black and white article what Evernote is offering is pretty similar along with the added bonus so syncing to all places I have it installed and that it pretty powerful.

This has led me to think that perhaps I could dispense with Instapaper and go with Evernote alone. On first view the answer would seem to be yes.

Tried clipping with the new Evernote extension? How good has it been for you?

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