Upgrading a Three mifi

imageSince getting my mifi device last October it has become an indispensible device going everywhere with me. It also recently kept my son connected on a three hour car journey, so is worth the small amount I paid for it for that alone.

But one of the things that has always puzzled me about it is the software that is supplied and the relative lack of options available with it. Actually, I guess I am not that puzzled. Three are taking the sensible approach that in order to keep down the number of support calls the device should be as simple to use as possible. And yet I still want more control and I also don’t want to have to install software on my computer to make changes.

So it was with interest that I received an email from a friend telling me that it was possible to reflash the mifi device to provide not only a whole raft of settings but also provided a web based interface through which to make them. Call me excited.

So off I went to read through the posts and work out what I had to do. It was pretty standard stuff: download the update file, plug in the device, run the update and cross your fingers that it works. Of course, it didn’t work and for a horrible few moments I thought that I had bricked the device. This was very much a case of the lights are on but there was definitely no-one at home. Fortunately I re-ran the update and this time all was well the it worked without an drama.

The first thing to note was that now I no longer had to press multiple buttons to connect. The mifi when switched on now goes through the process of connecting to the network and wifi automatically. I am not clear to me why it didn’t do that before because the only reason for switching it on was to connect to the network.

You are now able to go to to get to an admin panel where you get all change all manner of items – the first of which you need to address is the admin password! Other neat touches are a series of status icons along the top of the screen giving details of battery life and connection status. The screenshots below will give you an idea of the level of control you now get over the device.

All in all this is a great update and well worth doing if you can stand the chance that you may brick your device!

image  image

image  image