Upgrading a Three mifi

imageSince getting my mifi device last October it has become an indispensible device going everywhere with me. It also recently kept my son connected on a three hour car journey, so is worth the small amount I paid for it for that alone.

But one of the things that has always puzzled me about it is the software that is supplied and the relative lack of options available with it. Actually, I guess I am not that puzzled. Three are taking the sensible approach that in order to keep down the number of support calls the device should be as … Read the rest

3 mifi Review

mifiFor a number of years now I have been using mobile broadband with my laptop using a usb dongle. I have taken service from mobile provider 3 and it has been a pretty reliable and cost effective way of getting web access when I have been out and about. My current contract gives me 1gb of data for only £5 per month.

When I got back from holiday recently I noticed that 3 had released their “mifi” device. This is a small unit that allows you to share your mobile broadband connection with a number of local users over wifi. … Read the rest