Installing Windows 7

imageWell I am still on Windows XP despite having had two copies of Windows 7 for a couple of days now. The problem stems from the fact that the version of Windows 7 I want to install on my XP machine has been downloaded (legally) but I need to run it from a DVD as a fresh install. You would think that this would be no problem but the files arrive from Microsoft as an exe and a couple of box files. This are expanded out into the disk contents on your hard drive but that is useless if you are wanting to do a fresh install.

So began my quest to find a way to get these files onto a bootable DVD. First port of call was Microsoft who helpfully told me to go back and purchase a backup DVD from Digital River (how I made the original purchase from). Humm, not what I quite had in mind. I then turned to my colleague James who quickly had found this article which walks you through the process.

Now with this new found knowledge I am ready to do the business…

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