So Now What?

image So I received my invitation to Google Wave today and for a full thirty seconds there was much excitement as if I’d had an invite to the party of the year. So I logged in and then the realisation hit me that I have no one to connect to on the service and not the first idea of how to use it.

I watched the introductory video of some mad Australian in a lab coat explaining what each area of the screen does and then decided that Wave is a lonely experience right now.

So I put out a message on Twitter to see who might want one of precious eight invitations (currently fetching $80 upwards on eBay) and I await the results.

With a bit of luck I will end up with eight new friends and a better understanding of exactly Wave does and how it is going to revolutionise my world. Until then I’ll stick to Gmail.

Already in Wave? Drop me an message to connect and help me discover what it is all about.