BT 1571 online

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BT customers will no doubt be familiar with the 1571 service which adds voicemail to a home phone line. Some might also know that you can setup to receive text alerts to your mobile when you receive a message. However, I suspect that very few realise that you can log into your online account and listen and save messages from your browser. Or, at least you could…

When I logged into my account while I was last away I was greeted by this message: “BT 1571 online is a service that is no longer available. From the 31 March 2009, you can no longer listen to your voice messages online.”

This is a great shame as this was a really useful service, particularly when I was away from home and wanted access to my messages. You can still call your number and collect your messages that way but I find that is unreliable and sometimes doesn’t work.

[Photoby markhillary via Flickr]

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