Crunch Time for Internet Browsing

image Browsing the web from my iPod Touch this morning I remembered the CrunchPad, Michael Arrington’s prototype connected device for web browsing. This is a flat, tablet like device, with only an on-screen keyboard and optimised for browsing the web.

Having checked my mail, gone through the rss feeds that had come in over night, checked Facebook and Twitter and browsed a few websites I was left asking the question “who needs a CrunchPad and what does it offer that that iPod Touch/iPhone don’t deliver already?”

Ok, so the Touch/iPhone have screens that require you to also have good eyesight but they can also do so much more playing music and videos and can be extended as one billion app downloads shows. Add to that the rumours that Apple are taking about a larger screened version of the Touch and I think they have the market for mobile connected devices pretty much sewn up.

Apple’s iPods are, of course, premium devices and not something that fits everyone’s budget so the CrunchPad could win out on price. However, according to the web the target price is likely to be $299 but this is also the price of a 16gb iPod Touch and I know which one I would choose.

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