McGuider Update

McGuiderSince my original post on the McGuider sat nav software for mobile devices I have had more of a chance to put it through its paces and I have to say that the results have been extremely disappointing.

I have now used it for about four routes that I do often and in half of those the McGuider route took me down a closed road. You might think that this is a problem with the maps but these roads haven’t been passable in years – in one case for 20 plus years.

I also did a comparison between the route McGuider sets and TomTom and the latter never made the same mistakes.

As I pointed out in my previous review there are a number of niggles with the McGuider software as it stands and I was willing to overlook these if it did the job of getting me from a-to-b but on the evidence of the trips I have made that isn’t the case.

Therefore, regrettably, I cannot recommend McGuider unless you are happy to end up down a dead end road. TomTom is three times the price but will save you less petrol in the long run.

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