The first 10 applications you install

There’s a couple of these surveys kicking around at the moment (here and here) to find out what are the first ten applications that you install on your mobile. Ever one to jump on the bandwagon here I present my top 10 for Nokia S60 3rd Edition:

  1. emoze – Free push email
  2. Handy Calendar – Replacement calendar with better interface
  3. Handy Safe – Secure password store
  4. Handy profile – More intelligent profiles, such as automatically switching to meeting mode when you have a diary entry marked as such
  5. Autolock – Automatically lock the keyboard after a set period of time
  6. ScanR – Take photos of you business cards and convert them to vCards
  7. McGuider – Route planning (see here for my review)
  8. Screenshot – Capture the current screen as a jpeg
  9. M!Weather – World wide city weather forecasts
  10. Ultimate Voice Recorder – Record calls and voice for unlimited lengths and in usable formats.

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