Firefox extensions

Surfing the net last week I came across the following article on Firefox extensions (20 must-have Firefox extensions) and there are some real gems listed there. Rather than go through them all here (read the article) I wanted to highlight one which I think is superb.

I really like Firefox and switched a while back after problems with the IE7 beta but there are still some sites that only work with IE – mostly those run by Microsoft it would seem. This includes Windows Update and Outlook Web Access (OWA). While OWA does work in Firefox you don’t get all of the functionality unless you are in IE but it is a real pain to have to open up IE whenever I want to check my work email. Now with the Firefox extension IE Tab there is a simple solution – use IE! What IE Tab does is allow you to view pages using the Internet Explorer rendering engine within a tab in Firefox. Better than that it also allows you to create a list of sites that should always be opened using IE. It is beautifully simple and completely integrated into Firefox. You actually wouldn’t know that you were using IE if it was not for the IE logo on the tab and the fact that the functionality works correctly.

If you recognise this problem then install IE Tab now – you won’t regret it.