I was doing a search of domain names that included “neilthompson” in them and found that had already been registered. Nothing too surprising about that but what really surprised me was that I had registered it and it was pointing to my (this) blog! It was at this point that I probably ought to do an audit of domain names that I have registered to me and was shocked to discover that I had fifteen. True some of these are variants of the same thing but nevertheless it still seemed to be a shocking amount for an individual to accumulate. And, of course, all this comes at a price – both in their cost and their time to manage and administrate.

However, none of this has prevented me from adding to my tally this week as I snapped up a domain for a side project that I am working on. I’d had my eye on this domain for a while and a few months ago noticed that it’s previous owner had allowed it to lapse. At the date and time it became available I went to register it but to my surprise found that someone had got there before me. I couldn’t understand how this could be until I saw that it had been registered to a company that purchases domains to put up generic search pages from which they receive revenue. So I reluctantly gave it up and decided to call my venture something else. While doing my domain audit I idly did a search for this domain and found that once again it was available so I snapped it up. I can’t understand why it has become available but I was happy to find it was and to welcome it as the fifteenth Thompson domain.

As for the project itself this is currently under wraps as I try and find the time to work on it. However, I think it could be the next Facebook (or at least my bank account hopes it could be!) so watch this space…

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