I want one of these

Asus EeePC 701Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am a gadget mad and like to have the latest and greatest toys to play with. So imagine how I was when I saw this device – the Asus Eee PC 701 – a 7″ laptop running a variant of Linux with 16gb of memory and “only” £200? I got myself into a right lather reading through the review in Stuff magazine. However, I have been brought somewhat back down to earth with trying to find the device at the stated price. Nowhere (in the UK) seems to have the 16gb version as reviewed and the versions that do seem to exist (2gb – 4gb) are already above the £200 price point. Also reading the blogs and newsgroups it seems that the 701 has already been a huge critical success before it has been released and so it is in short supply. Therefore it looks like I will be waiting a while before I dive in and get one.