What’s up with Outlook?

Is it just me or does everyone have problems with Outlook closing? I have started trying to put my laptop into Hibernate mode as it takes soooooo long to start-up. However, I have found that on nine out of ten tries Windows refuses to hibernate as Outlook is still running and connected to Exchange. A quick look at Task Manager shows that although there is nothing showing in the Applications tab the OUTLOOK.EXE process is still running and consuming huge amounts of memory (300mb+ on some occasions).

Sometimes if I am patient enough the memory will slowly comedown and the process will disappear. Once this has completed I can put the machine into a hibernated state. Other times the process remains in memory consuming resources and not doing much else.

Therefore, I am left with two choices (neither satisfactory), either: a) shutdown the machine or b) kill the process. Both lead to a slow start-up which is something Hibernating is supposed to avoid.

Any ideas as it is driving me mad!

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