Back on-line

You will no doubt have noticed the lack of website over the last couple of weeks. This was caused, initially, by my site being hacked (again). Normally it would have been a matter of ripping down the rogue code and plugging the gaps. However, this time my ISP (Easily) blocked the site and refused to give me access to make changes. Worse than that they were completely unresponsive when I requested assistance. There followed something of a Mexican standoff with Easily suggesting I move onto their one hundred pounds a month dedicated server solution and me telling them to get stuffed! In the end we agreed to part ways as they were not going to re-enable my account.

This forced me to do something I should have done some time ago and that is spread my websites over a number of different hosts to spread the risk. This I have now done. Currently Jim is back on-line along with my blog. The other sites will be back over the next few weeks. It’s all a pain in the rear but probably for the good in the end (maybe).

BTW if you are using the RSS feed the URL has changed – please update the reference by clicking the XML logo.

Also if you find any problems please let me know through the usual channels.

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