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At AppSwing we had an idea for an information and education website based around mobile applications, devices and peripherals. This required a new website design as we didn’t want it to look like the existing corporate site. While we have a very good designer that we use for the majority of our design requirements I was looking for a more cost effective way of achieving this.

During a previous net surfing session I had come across Template Kingdom who, as the name suggests, provide website templates. The twist here is that the designers are based in India and the price for a unique design is cost effective to say the least.

I purchased a template for £25 that included all the web pages, images and stylesheets required. This was delivered to me within a few hours of the payment going through. As if this wasn’t value enough as part of your purchase you are also entitled to one hour customisation work on the template.

As the original design was based around laptops rather than mobile devices I asked for the graphics to be changed accordingly. This was going to take longer than my free hour and so I was quoted for an additional hours work – this was another £5. The changes were then delivered back to me within another 24 hours.

So, just to recap, that is a brand new website design for £30. In most walks of life you get what you pay for and you might expect that a website design for so little would reflect it’s price – not so in this case. The site isn’t yet live so I cannot show you the design but take a look at the Template Kingdom website to see the range of designs.

I have been very impressed with both cost and high level of service from Template Kingdom and would recommend them if you are looking for a new website design.

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