And Another Thing…

Here’s another things that pisses me off. Take a look at the screenshot below:

Now you might think that there is nothing much wrong with this. But not being American, nor being in the United States and being given the impression that there might be other options other than “English (United States) I stupidly clicked on the down arrow. This is what I got:

What’s the point in that? Where is the “English (United Kingdom)” or the “English (Australian)” or any of the other many variants? Why couldn’t the entry just have been “English” which would have sufficed? I’ll tell you why – it’s because the Americans expect it to have it laid out clearly in front of them “Yes this item is for you, you do speak English (no really), just click the next button and don’t fret about it”. I tell you it makes me mad – wars have been started for less.

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