The Postcard is Dead

Having just returned home from two weeks holiday I can now announce the death of the humble postcard. It has been killed off, like so many other things, by the internet. Now longer do family and friends have to make do with a quick “wish you were here” scrawled on the back of a card showing some generic views of your chosen holiday destination. Now they can be treated to regular updates via email and also personalised photos posted to online photo sharing services.

OK, all of this is only possible if you have a computer and broadband connection where you are staying or an internet café close by but in this day and age that shouldn’t be too difficult to find.

Having internet access brings other advantages too – for a start we were able to check the weather and plan our days accordingly. To be honest the weather was great everyday so it was really just a question of what tee shirt to wear! Also I was check out the latest motorsport news and update my blog.

This access also has it’s down sides of course. I was also able to be contacted by work, which some may not like, you are on holiday after all. Overall though the experience was positive as I was able to keep in touch with family and friends and show them just what they were missing 😉

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