Free Quick Reference Cards

For those that don’t have the time or attention span to read a manual a quick reference card can be a short cut to gaining the information you need in the shortest possible amount of time. Unfortunately these are not always available and so you are left having to pick through the manual to find just the information you want. However, there is another way and once again it is provided by the power of Google.

By entering the following into a Google search literally hundreds of quick reference cards are returned in PDF format for easy printing.

"quick reference card" filetype:pdf

If you want a card on a particular topic then all you need do is add the topic to the search such as:

HTML "quick reference card" filetype:pdf

There are also some in Microsoft Word format and to return these simply enter:

"quick reference card" filetype:doc

You will be amazed at the number, variety and quality of quick reference cards out there and all for free! If you want to give it a go click here to search on Google now.

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