Other peoples code

Working in the software industry for the last fifteen years I have seen a lot of code written by other developers, some good, some bad. Inevitably you can’t always get the code to do what you want it to do and frustrations spill over and the temptation is to put an acerbic note in the comments. Usually the end user does not get to see these comments as they are compiled into something that is only machine, not human, readable.

So I was very pleased to see this (very tame) comment remaining in a source file (MyMagazines.htt) from the Zinio installation. There is life in the software industry after all!

// function gotoNewsstand()
// {
// // For some reason, creating the ActiveXObject causes a
// // security warning to appear (very irritating)
// shell = new ActiveXObject("Shell.Application");
// shell.Open("http://www.zinio.com/evaluation/time/newsstand/");
// }

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