Let’s Play Spot the Difference

Can you tell the difference between these two seemingly identical bills I received by email from Virgin Media?   I have to admit that initially I couldn’t. It was only when I saw the bill total of £498.52 and did a double take that I took a closer look. When you do that it becomes […]

Flattery as a form of spam

As spam goes this is pretty benign but irritating nevertheless and I have no idea how to rid myself of it. Just recently I have started to receive messages through the contact form on our website that are allegedly related to our blog posts and they are smothering with kindness and praise for our work. […]

To Avoid Phishing Please Sing In

I am occasionally asked by family and friends to give advice on whether an email is genuine. These are not emails from Nigerian kings looking to transfer out money via your bank account but emails that appear to be from companies and government departments that you would recognise and may have account and dealings with. Of […]

Twitter Spam

Is it just me or is Twitter spam on the increase? I have had a stream of notifications of today telling me that someone is now following me. You can tell that these are spam accounts as they have only one update and multiple followers. Oh, and the scantily clad woman in the picture is […]