The Price of Memory

I bought one of these last week – a 2gb memory stick. Yes, I know that it has “Go England” written on the side but that will scratch off in time and I will lose the top but it will still hold 2gb.
At this point you are no doubt wondering why you should care about this – everyone’s got one of these right? In fact if you are like me you will have several. Well at about the same time as I bought it my Dad also found five volumes of “Your Computer” magazine in the loft.

Your Computer … Read the rest

Hey Hey 16K

Even before my love affair with Psions begin (see previous post) I was a Sinclair addict. Originally it was just a ZX81 with the obligatory wobbly ram pack but quickly I had moved onto a 48K spectrum with dual microdrives, a printer and interfaces 1 and 2.

All of this came flooding back when I found the following animated song by Rob Manuel. Brilliant!!!… Read the rest

Back to the Fold

Ever since I got my hands on a Psion Organiser II CM some eight years ago I have been fascinated by PDAs in general and Psions in particular. Since then I have progressed through most of the Psion range including an LZ64, Psion 5, 5mx and a Series 7 and have been very happy with all of them. See The Psion File for more on my Psion love affair.

Like may other enthusiasts I was disappointed when firstly Psion announced that they were no longer going to make consumer handhelds and then that they were not going to include the … Read the rest