Pebble Time vs Apple Watch

As regular readers of this blog will know I am a huge fan of the Pebble smart watch. So it was a great disappointment when the the company collapsed and the assets were bought by Fitbit. Pebble did at least return the money that had been pledged on Kickstarter for the next generation and, due […]

Pebble Health Review

As I have said a couple of times before I use a Fitbit to record my steps and have toyed with Misfit on my Pebble when that became available. My issue was that the gap in number of steps recorded was too great. So when Pebble Health was released I was keen to see whether […]

New Pebble Time Thoughts

Just thought I would put down my initial thoughts on the new Pebble Time. I’ll do a fuller review, including the same tests that I ran with the old Pebble, in a few weeks when I have captured more data. I’ve had my steel version a couple of weeks now and it really like both […]

Hitting $1M in Pebble Time

I waited a long long time for my Pebble to arrive after backing it on Kickstarter. But since the arrival of iOS8 and several updates to the watch firmware it was worked well and I really like the watch. My only gripe would be that the font size is a bit small (even on the […]

Fitbit vs Misfit on the Pebble Smartwatch

I’ve been a happy Fitbit Flex user for some 18 months now but when Pebble released an update that allowed activity tracking I thought that I would give it a go to see how the two compared. The first thing to point out is that I am only interested in two things: accuracy and battery […]

Happy 1st Birthday Pebble

So I’ve now had my Pebble smart watch just over a year so I thought that it would be a good time to reflect on the aims and whether they have been met. For those that don’t know the Pebble is the darling of the crowd funding site Kickstarter, the first and to my knowledge […]

Why Pebble might not be a Best Buy

Let’s get this out of the way right at the start. I love my Pebble watch – that’s mine on my hairy wrist to the left. I have¬†absolutely¬†no regrets whatsoever about putting my money down and making the project happen through Kickstarter. Also, as a small business owner, I know that you have to do […]

Two Way Communication on the Pebble

Regular readers will know that I am a big fan of my Pebble watch, warts and all. While there are still some parts of the basic functionality that don’t work as advertised (notifications for example) some of the promise that attracted me to the project in the first place is now beginning to be realised. […]

RunKeeper for Pebble

Pebble have slowly been making good on all that was promised when the watch was announced on Kickstarter. This week saw the launch of RunKeeper integration, as you can see from the image below. It is incredibly easy to use mainly because there aren’t options whatsoever. When you start an activity the details (time, distance […]