Changing the Colour of your Pebble Watch

If, like me, you entered the vote to choose the colour Pebble option and they didn’t pick your colour and had to go with the black or maybe you are fed up of waiting for your colour Pebble to arrive and so have switched to black – good news! You don’t have to stick with it, make a whole range of wraps just for the Pebble that can quickly change the look of your watch and are really easy to fit.

The video below shows you just how easy it is.

Also check out my video on adding a Read the rest

My First Two Weeks with the Pebble Watch

IMG_6265I decided to wait a couple of weeks before writing a review of my Pebble watch and passing any sort of judgement as I felt that would allow the dust to settle a bit. So now those weeks are up here are my thoughts.

The Pebble, for those that have missed it, is a “smart watch” that is connected to your phone. iPhone in my case but it is also compatible with Android. Pebble was a project on the crowd-funding site Kickstarter where it set out to raise $10,000 to fund its project and ended up raising $10,000,000. This … Read the rest

If This, Then That

Sometimes the Internet throws up a really simple but great idea that makes life much easier. If this, then that or ifttt to be more accurate, is one such idea.

ifttt allows you to create tasks where an action is carried out on some event. So, for example, when an email is received from a certain email address a copy is then forwarded automatically to another account, or when the Guardian tweets that the latest Long Good Read is available the text is sent to Instapaper. These are two examples but given the long list of services that ifttt … Read the rest

Pebble Watch for iPhone Passes $10M on Kickstarter

Already the most funded project ever on Kickstarter the Pebble Watch for iPhone and Android has now passed the $10 million mark – 100 times the amount it was aiming to raise. Kickstarter is a great platform and I have backed a number of projects on it and will continue to look out for innovative things I can be an early part of.

Looking forward to receiving my watch too – glad I got my backing in early!… Read the rest