Internet Explorer (the joke)

My son sent me this today:

Internet Explorer users at risk from major bug

“All four users have been informed” a source said.

I thought that it was a joke until I subsequently saw this. (Obviously it is a joke but the problem clearly isn’t).

While IE usage is not as high as it once was it it still high enough that this is going to affect many people, particularly as the bug seems to be in versions 6 through 11.

Setting aside the issue itself this, and the recent Heartbleed bug, highlights just how easy it is for … Read the rest

What we did Before Google

IMG_6372I was away over the weekend and spotted this on my in-laws book shelf – The Internet Atlas by Richard Dinnick. A guide to the “best 1,000 sites on the web”.

Even though the book is only a few years old, it was published in 2000, it is a fascinating snapshot on what the web was like only thirteen years ago.

It includes sections on the browsers available which besides Internet Explorer 5 and Netscape also includes the first alpha version of Mozilla.

There is also a section on search engines which includes Altavista and Ask Jeves along with … Read the rest

“Modern Internet Explorer”

This made me laugh out loud when I saw it.

Running Windows 8 via Parallels on my Mac the caption for Internet Explorer is shown as “Modern Internet Explorer” presumably as opposed to that old, out-dated version that they previously shipped! This text would normally appear on the title bar of a Windows application but with the new Metro style app you don’t get to see the title bar.

I have to admit that I do like the clean look of the new version of IE but at the same time it is hugely frustrating as I have yet been … Read the rest