2 Great Apps to Help you Show and Tell

Working in a small business you have to get involved in all sorts of areas that might be outside your core skill set. In my case that includes producing training material to help our clients understand our products better. In order to make that as painless as possible here are a couple of great apps that I use.



Producing documentation with screen grabs can be a real chore and while it is possible to use something like Microsoft Word it is much, much easier to do with Clarify.

The beauty of the app is the way that it lets … Read the rest

Why I can’t get my Head Around Evernote’s Work Chat Feature

In the last major release of Evernote a new feature called Work Chat was introduced. It is described by Evernote as allowing you to “discuss your work in Evernote, in real time, with the people who help you get it done.”. So it is sort of like an inbuilt chat facility and as that it works as described.

The problem is that what is the most natural thing to want to do while chatting over a note? For me it is to update it with the other party and for both to see the updates but when you do that … Read the rest

Can you have too much cloud storage as Microsoft offers unlimited space?

Recently Microsoft announced that everyone with an Office 365 subscription would be granted unlimited storage on OneDrive, their Dropbox and Google Drive competitor. If it doesn’t seem long ago that they bumped up the storage from 15gb to 1tb then it’s not, because that announcement was made just last June.

On the face of it this seemed like great news – all the space to store whatever you want. However, the reality is somewhat different. Firstly this is a syncing service (as they all are) and so the absolute maximum you can sync is the size of your hard drive … Read the rest

A Potentially Dangerous Experiment

Being mobile means I have to work in a number of different places on a number of different machines. The one constant is that no matter where I am I want and need to have my files with me. While I have Dropbox and Google Drive and and iCloud and Box and OneDrive and OwnCloud accounts I found that files that were in the Documents and Downloads folders on my iMac weren’t available to me on the move.

This led to a light bulb moment. What if I could store my Documents and Downloads folders in cloud storage? And so … Read the rest

Internet Explorer (the joke)

My son sent me this today:

Internet Explorer users at risk from major bug

“All four users have been informed” a source said.

I thought that it was a joke until I subsequently saw this. (Obviously it is a joke but the problem clearly isn’t).

While IE usage is not as high as it once was it it still high enough that this is going to affect many people, particularly as the bug seems to be in versions 6 through 11.

Setting aside the issue itself this, and the recent Heartbleed bug, highlights just how easy it is for … Read the rest

3 Things Evernote is Missing

20140130-082701.jpgI an a keen and active user of Evernote paying for the service not just to gain access to the “pro” features but also because I want to repay Evernote for the use I derive from it.

That’s not to say that it is perfect though so here are three things that I would add to it from the normal to the whacky.

Better table support

Evernote has support for tables but it is pretty basic. Once created you cannot add new columns, change the width, add new rows anywhere but at the bottom and you cannot apply any styling … Read the rest

Quickly Get to Top of All Notes in Evernote

Go to Top of Evernote All NotesOne thing that has bugged me for a while in Evernote is that there didn’t seem to be a quick way to return to the top of the All Notes list.

If you have several thousand notes and you are a long way down, perhaps because of a search, I found myself having to do some little finger dance to get back to the top.

Yesterday, quite by accident I found that if you click in the grey space either side of the “All Notes” title you magically get taken back to the top of the list.

A real time … Read the rest

Font from Your Own Handwriting

201308220_140847-CapturFilesHere’s a great one for all narcissists – a website that turns your handwriting into a font that you can use on your computer such as in Word documents.

Simply head over to myscriptfont.com, download and print the template. Then with a marker pen write out the alphabet in both upper and lower case where shown (see below). You’ll now need to scan this page in black and white at a resolution of 300dpi and upload it to myscriptfont.

Send the file and wait a few minutes and you are presented with a view of what your font will … Read the rest

The Bane of Family Tech Support

arrgh!One of the occupational hazards of working in the IT industry is that you become official tech support for family and friends.

There is a expectation that you will be an expert in all forms of technology.

My mother-in-law regularly asks me questions about her android phone, for example, despite I having never owned or used such a device. My requests for her to move to an iPhone or use my wife who has exactly the same phone as her have so far gone unheard!

Sometimes, however, the job is made so much harder by mischievous software vendors and I … Read the rest