The failed Kickstarter that’s still a partial success

There is much to like about UK plugs – for a start they never fall out of sockets under the weight of the plug as so many US chargers seem to but they are big and bulky. This was something that Mu looked to address with their innovative folding charger.

Back in February 2018 Mu launched a Kickstarter campaign to deliver the “World’s Thinnest 45W International Fast Charger” which was successfully delivered August 2019.

In October 2019 Mu were back on Kickstarter again this time to bring to market the “Next Generation 63W Dual USB Type-C Wall Charger”. What happened next is somewhat subject to debate but what isn’t is the fact that the charger planned never materialised. This, unsurprisingly, left many people pretty annoyed. The following comments are pretty typical of those left on Kickstarter.

However, unusually for a Kickstarter project that dies Mu did actually go on to deliver something – a 20W UK Type-C PD Fast Charger. Less wattage than the previous product, not international but something at least to show for the money paid. And, do you know what, I really like it. Yes, it is underpowered and yes, I can only use it in the UK but it is small enough to chuck in a bag and use when out and about such as yesterday when I was on the train.

I’ve written about Kickstarter a number of times before including back in 2016 when I warned that it was a “stock market and not a super market“. It isn’t perfect by any means, particularly when a project fails and there is zero support for backers, but on the whole I have had some interesting results with it. The Mu is an example of where I didn’t receive what I’d expected but at least I received something (a number I’ve received nothing) and it is useful so for that I thank them.

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