Laptop Stickers

What is it with developers and laptop stickers? It seems that in every coffee shop there will be individuals scattered around hunched over their (usually) Apple Macs and the lid will be covered in stickers. And you know what? I’m exactly the same!

The laptop above is my old trusty Macbook Air along with its accompanying stickers. In fact since that picture was taken it has gained even more. It has stickers covering all my areas of interest:

  • development (including the “Cutting and pasting from Stack Overflow” classic)
  • music (from Real World records)
  • Evernote
  • Star Wars (from here)

Many of my stickers I have picked up over the years from conferences and various tech events which seem to give them out like sweets. You can also get a great set here from which includes the awesome Stack Overflow one.

Why am I mentioning this now? Well because I saw a an article by Graham Stevens called “Preserving Laptop Stickers on MacBooks” which I found an intriguing.What Graham has done and kudos to him for the effort that he has put into this, is basically find a wrap that exactly matches the colour of his MacBook which he applies onto the lid and then onto which he applies the stickers.

Why would he go to all this trouble? Well for one he is conscious of not damaging the lid of his laptop and reducing the resale value. Secondly it is an opportunity to save all the stickers at the machines end of life and keep it as a permanent reminder.

I was very taken by this idea and it seems so were many others as he received so many enquiries on how they could go about it themselves that he has set up a Kickstarter campaign.

Right now the campaign has reached half its target so if you want to help Graham over the line get backing!

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