Thoughts on Apple Watch Battery Life

I have been wrestling with the idea of an Apple Watch for a while and admit that it is beautifully made but what is really putting me off is the need to charge the thing every single day.

On reflection I can see that could be considered a positive thing. My existing Pebble has what can only be described as a variable battery life ranging from about 2 to 5 days. I have never been able to work out what makes it drain quicker sometimes more than others but it does mean that I need to keep an eye on the battery to make sure that I have enough charge for the day ahead.

Apple Watch owners will not suffer from this affliction knowing that they will get a days battery life and then it will need charging so, for now, there is that element of certainty there. However, in my experience Apple products tend to start off at the stated battery life and quickly that diminishes. I do wonder how it will be before people are finding that it is no longer a days batter life but considerably less than that. And that is why I am, for now, sticking with the Pebble.

Photo: Yasunobu Ikeda via Flickr

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