Why the next iPhone Might have an Inbuilt Coffee Perculator

No sooner had the iPhone 6 been released did the tech sites start wondering just what might be in the NEXT release. Would it be the iPhone 6S? Would it have inductive charging? Might it be made from a metal only found on Mars? Could there be room for a larger battery? (actually Jony Ive says we wouldn’t like a larger battery and what the fuck do we know as users?)

This speculation is almost always unattributed and lacks any credible sources and is accompanied by a title containing the word “may“, “could” or “might“. And once one “news” outlet has run with the story it proliferates and becomes unstoppable.

I don’t know whether this phenomenon is unique to Apple products and the iPhone in particular and whether it is caused but the drought of information emanating from Cupertino but either way it is tiresome clickbait.

So I want it be known that I have it on completely unreliable (i.e. non-existent sources) that the next iPhone may have a built-in coffee percolator. You heard it here first but, no doubt, this nugget of information will be on BGR and Techrunch within the hour!

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