Setting the Nest to Away

I love the Nest learning thermostat now that it has built up a schedule but I feel that it could be doing more to help us save money.

One way to do this is set the Nest to away when I am, well, away. I currently have two ways of doing that:

1. via the standard Nest iPhone app, or
2. via the Nest Pebble app, Leaf.


Both these work well but you need to remember to actually do it and I never do. Worse than that if I do remember I then forget to turn it back on again.

Enter Skylark, an iPhone app that connects with your Nest to automatically set it away and back to home. It works by checking the proximity of your phone to your Nest and setting it to away when you get a certain distance away and then back on again when you are within proximity. It can also work by when you connect/disconnect to your home wi-fi.


One of the great things about Skylark is that if multiple people have the app installed connected to the same Nest then it will only be set to Away when everyone is out of the house.

The only problems seem to be that: it only works with iOS 8.1 and it doesn’t work on Android. Apart from that it is pretty perfect.

Here’s to lower energy bills.