Instagram’s Hyperlapse

Instagram, Facebook’s $1B lovechild, this week released a new iOS app called Hyperlapse that allows time lapse videos to be shot without the shakes that are usually associated with such videos.

I took a quick example on the bus into town yesterday and as you can see it is really steady. With hindsight I wish I had held the camera in landscape mode!

If all this sounds familiar that will be because Microsoft Research documented just such a technique earlier this year which got widespread attention including on the BBC. So congratulations to Instagram for getting this out so quickly.

The app itself is simplicity to use. There are very few controls just a big red button to start and stop the recording and the ability to change the speed of playback before rendering the video and that’s it.

As with anything that Facebook has it’s claws into privacy is a concern but Hyperlapse doesn’t make you login nor does it insist that you publish to either Instagram or Facebook you can simply download the video and upload wherever you wish.

All in all a great little app and free too. Download it from the App Store here.


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