Is My Tile Here Yet?

About a year ago, well to be accurate as I write this it was 382 days ago, I ordered some tiles. No not bathroom tiles but a small bluetooth device about the size of a postage stamp that you can stick to almost anything and then using a companion app hunt them down when you have mislaid them. This also included a neat feature that allows you to effectively declare a tile lost and every other tile user can then be on the look out for your lost item, which is pretty neat.

The downside of them are that they are a sealed unit and so once the battery dies (after about a year) you have to return them and buy replacements at a price that doesn’t seem very clear. Much, much worse is that over a year later the tiles still have not arrived and don’t seem to be coming anytime soon. Tile also seem pretty blasé abut the whole situation and why wouldn’t you when you have been sat on mine and plenty of other peoples money for quite a while.

So I have knocked up a quick website to keep you up to speed with whether my Tiles have arrived:

They had better be fucking awesome when they arrive is all I can say.