Happy 10th Birthday Us!

So I have been blogging on technology now for just over ten years it would seem, the first post was June 5th 2004. It’s somewhat ironic, however, that I am today writing this post in WordPress and the very first post was about Noah Grey’s excellent Greymatter¬†another great CMS. This also means that I have been connected for about 20 years launching my first website in May 1996 – The Williams Database.

How things have change in that very short space of time. That first site was launched on the “free” 0.5 mb of space that was provided by my ISP. I fondly remember doing all my site changes off line and only dialing up to upload the changes and then immediately cutting the line to ensure that we didn’t run up great costs. Today even my thermostat is permanently connected to the Internet and dialing up is no more. As for webspace people are falling over themselves to offer me gigabytes and now it is called the cloud.

Who knows what the next ten years will bring but the rate of change is ever increasing so it will be fascinating to watch and be part of.

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