I don’t want a thinner iPhone 6 and here’s why

So the rumours have moved on and now the leaks are coming thick and fast. A new iPhone is on the way. Of course nobody knows what Apple are going to deliver but all the leaks point to a device with a larger screen… And thinner.


It is pretty much acknowledged that battery technology hasn’t kept pace with all the other components in a smartphone. I have an iPhone 4S and have to charge it at least twice a day. That’s a real pain as it means I have to carry with me the means to deal with that. Given that the only solutions to the problem are either through innovation, in the battery or management thereof, or by making the battery in the device larger.

So a thinner iPhone implies less room for a battery. Of course an iPhone with a larger screen would mean more room for a bigger battery but it also has a larger display to power.

Shaving off a millimetre from the thickness of the phone isn’t going to make a great deal of difference in the hand and I for one don’t want a phone that is paper thin.

So Apple, please, don’t make the iPhone 6 thinner keep it just as thick as it is now and fill it with more battery and give me a phone I can use all day or even two days without having to recharge…

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