Mu Folding UK Plug

IMG_7476There are many great things about the UK plug but size isn’t one of them. This is mainly due to the advantages the plug offers including things that most other countries eschew such as an earth pin and integral fuse.

All this means that they take up an enormous amount of space and a bloody painful when stood on being second only on the pain scale to a Lego brick.

However, help is at hand with the absolutely brilliant Mu Folding USB Charger which collapses into one neat little package. The bottom pins rotate to be in line with the earth pin (see picture above) and then two “ears” close around the pins.

While the folded size is impressive so is that face that it is so sturdy when opened out – it feels incredibly rocksolid. Amazon describes it as a USB Smartphone charger but I have had no difficulty charging my iPad Mini with it – not sure about a full sized iPad though.

They are a bit pricy at £25 but occasionally Amazon have them at £15 so it is worth keeping a look out here, it comes well recommended.

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