One of the most amazing websites we have seen

PlaceIt by Breezi
Producing realistic product shots running on a variety of devices can be challenging. Cropping and rotating images to get them to fit the screen without it being obviously done that way.

Enter PlaceIt which is one of the best use of web technology I have ever seen. For a start using it is simplicity itself.

Firstly you chose the device type that you want to create a product image onto – this can be any number of smartphones, tablets, desktop and laptops in a variety of settings. As you see from the one above they are beautifully done.

Next, if you have an existing product image you can just drag and drop it onto your browser and the image will be uploaded and placed into the placeholder in your chosen image.

And that’s it. The final image is quickly rendered and then you can just download the image for your use.

Even better if you don’t have a product image to hand you can just give a website address and that will be included.

As I said at the outset it is incredibly well done and I can only think of one problem… It is so great that you are going to be seeing a lot of these images going forward.

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