Sloppy Development

Screenshot_16_05_2013_10_51I spend all my working day dealing with software development and developers and have done so for the last 25 years. Over that time I have come across some interesting practices and learnt how to do things the right way. The five years I spent with Admiral Computing in particular was an invaluable education in delivering quality software.

So when I come across something like that shown to the left I find it both amusing and perplexing in equal measures. How can a menu item called “Test” make it through to a live system? Clicking the link takes you through to a page with a horrible IIS error message. That said this is a particular poor example of a website that belongs to a brand of a large consultancy firm. The design is poor, inconsistent and difficult to navigate. If it wasn’t for the money off vouchers I keep receiving I would take my business elsewhere.

Have you spotted any glaring errors like this, if so let us know in the comments.

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