Hacker Monthly

20130222-201903.jpgI have a voracious appetite for technology news which by and large is satisfied by twitter and apps such as the excellent Zite.

An even more hardcore technology news source is Hacker News. This is little more than a collection of user submitted links that are that voted up or down by other users. Eventually interesting and popular stories float to the top of the list. Unfortunately there is far too much stuff there to read it all and sometimes I just want a leisurely offline read. Enter Hacker Monthly.

Hacker Monthly is a curated version of Hacker News in magazine format. Released monthly, as the name suggests, it includes a dozen articles covering technology articles with a development and entrepreneurial bent. In my experience the articles are well selected with the right mix of long from narrative and hard-core programming.

The magazine is delivered in more formats than you could possibly know what to do with: PDF, Kindle, ePub, iPad optimised and newsstand, although for the latter you have to generate a code from the website rather than having it pushed to your device.

If you are looking for a more relaxed, magazine format, read of technology stories I couldn’t recommend anything better than Hacker. Monthly.