Do Not Disturb (Ever)

IMG_5978So here’s a fun way to start the new year, with a bug courtesy of those kind people at Apple.

In iOS 6 they added this great new feature called Do Not Disturb (DND) which allows you to either manually or automatically silence your phone but still allow incoming calls from certain groups of people, those marked as your favourites for example.

It works really well, or at least it did until the turn of the year. Since yesterday Do Not Disturb is staying permanently on. You can see that on the picture left with DND supposed to go off at 07:00 but you can see the crescent moon still present in the top bar next to the time 07:35.

There is no word from Apple on this and when it is likely to be fixed but in an unfortunate piece of timing they have released the following ad highlighting Do Not Disturb…

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