Time to re-evaluate Flickr

IMG_5826The blogsphere is all abuzz with Instagram’s proposed change of terms of service from the middle of next month which some have already dubbed “Instagram’s suicide note”. Basically the changes give Instagram (or parent Facebook) to sell your pictures of which you get no portion of that sale or any choice in the matter.

You can read a good summary of the situation over at c|net but I am already considering whether I want someone else to have such control over work that I produce and I am thinking that I don’t. I still have a Flickr account that I regularly use and pay for and the latest iPhone app for Flickr, shown left, now has filters very similar to those offered by Instagram, although they just don’t seem as good but they are far better implemented than those in Twitter.

Some might say that these days simply having a profile on any social network means that you give up your rights and to a certain extent the providers are all pushing the boundaries of what is mine and what is theirs. However, that doesn’t mean that I can’t push back and delete my account.

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