The Chubby Challenge

One of the great things about the Internet is that it allows new ideas to be quickly built and got into the hands of the public without having to spend huge amounts of cash. This has allowed countless number of people to become entrepreneurs even if only in a very small way. And now it is my turn.

For the last few months I have been working on a new project called The Chubby Challenge which is based on something that we used to run when I was working at AppSwing.

Most office workers seem to lead a sedentary lifestyle these days and the employees at AppSwing were no different and so once a year we used to run what was dubbed the chubby challenge in which we would compete to see who could lose the most body weight. In order to make it fair it wasn’t done on the number of pounds lost but the percentage lost. It was very successful in that the competitive spirit in us all kicked in as we all wanted to win. In fact we all won as was all lost weight over the three months that it was run.

Now I have brought that into the 21st century with The Chubby Challenge. You can challenge family, friends, co-workers, anyone in fact to see who can lose the most weight over a given period. Whether you want to lose weight in time for Christmas or you want to get into that dress for a wedding or just because you want to shape up then The Chubby Challenge can help by making weight loss fun!

I’m incredibly proud of what’s been put together for The Chubby Challenge so please login, start a challenge and let me know how you get on. In fact why not challenge me?

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