The HAND Stylus – the perfect stylus?

I have written previously of my love of styluses. I thought that I had settled on the Kensington Virtuoso, which is a fine stylus, but it suffers from having a fat tip like every other stylus. This makes fine work, such as handwriting almost, but not quite, impossible. I had thought that the answer to this would be the Cregle iPen that uses a dongle plugged into the dock port to allow it to get much better accuracy. Unfortunately it was let down by having awful calibration and a dearth of apps.

Step forward the HAND Stylus (shown left). This is similar to other styluses in having a rubber tip at the end but it is much smaller, as you can see from the image below. What the designers of the HAND Stylus have worked out is the smallest surface area that a tablet and specifically the iPad recognises. Remember that these screens are expecting a finger which is a fat thing compared to the stylus. This reduction in size works well and hasn’t compromised on sensitivity at all. It also makes taking written notes a real possibility with the added advantage of working with ANY app.

There’s more. The HAND Stylus is beautifully designed with a knurled grip and a tip that retracts just like a biro protecting it inside the housing. When the tip is retracted it is also rotated to that the wear will be even across the tip. Even if you do wear out a tip, fear not, as replacements are available. Oh and if that wasn’t enough they are available in a range of colours and can be engraved. What more could you want?

I think my long search for the perfect stylus could finally be over.

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