How to shoot yourself in the foot

There has been a lot of publicity in the tech press recently about changes to the terms and conditions around Twitter’s api. The changes have been made to try and strongly encourage developers of Twitter client apps to, well, basically not continue as Twitter would like to see that area as their sole domain.

Echofon, my go-to Twitter app until this morning, has clearly taken this change to heart and hit the self-destruct button early. Since releasing a new iOS version, which was supposed to bring compatibility is the latest version but seems to have had a devastating effect, many are finding issues, myself included. For me the app won’t even start and many others are reporting similar issues. And where are they reporting these issues? On Twitter! Which means that people are moving to other clients, which is exactly what Twitter wants.

Me? I downloaded and installed the official Twitter iOS client and it works. I don’t like it as much as Echofon but, as I say, it works. So well done Echofon for helping Twitter achieve it’s goal of wiping out third party clients.

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