£25? That’s Taking the Piss

So yesterday was the big iPhone 5 launch day, somewhat of an anti-climax due to the fact that just about every aspect of the device and it’s accompanying accessories had been leaked in advance. What hadn’t been announced, however, were the prices.

As part of the “updates” to the iPhone Apple introduced a new connector to replace the existing 30-pin version that has been around nine years. While the rest of the industry has standardised on the microUSB connector Apple has introduced a new proprietary standard.  Recognising that there are millions of existing cables and accessories that have the existing 30-pin connector Apple has kindly created an adaptor that it has the bare faced cheek to charge £25 for. If that’s not bad enough Apple also will happily sell you an adaptor for £15 that ensures that it complies with European law, something that clearly ought to be included in the box.

I like Apple products, I have three in front of me now, but this pricing for something that Apple knows is essential for many is taking the piss. I for one won’t be shelling out and will wait until adaptors are available in Poundland!

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