WordPress 3.4

So the latest version of the WordPress blogging and CMS platform, on which this and so many other sites are based, has been released. Version 3.4 brings a number of new improvements such as the really neat Twitter integration you can see below. To get this to work you simply need to cut and paste the tweet URL into the editor and you are good to go. So to get the block displayed all I had to do was include the following:


I have been playing about with WordPress more and more since the hacking incident, mainly to ensure that the security was really nailed down along with a much better backup regime. This has meant that I have finally got automatic updates working smoothly and can concentrate on the blogging rather than the management of WordPress. While that was all time consuming it was also necessary.

WordPress started out as a blogging platform but has really grown beyond that and many are running their websites on it and it can be made to look nothing like a blog at all. The flexibility is really great now and having tried a number of other platforms WordPress really is the one to beat.