Three Offers up Cheap(er) Mobile Roaming

Here’s a welcome bit of news just two days before I go off on a weekend break to Denmark – UK mobile provider three are introducing an all-you-can-eat mobile roaming tariff of “only” £5 per day. Called the Euro Internet Pass it allows monthly contract customers to access the web on the go.

One of the real frustrations of travelling abroad in the past has been that if you wanted to use the maps app on your phone to find out exactly where you were and where the restaurant was that you were making for it could have cost you more than the cost of the meal to download the maps on your phone. With this change you can happy download maps, tweet, blog, upload pictures to Facebook etc to your hearts content safe in the knowledge that the amount you will pay is capped at £5 per day.

There are, however, some things to be aware of. Firstly it seems that in order to use the Euro Pass you must go to a webpage and confirm every day that you wish to use it. So if you are there for a week then you would need to request it everyday. If you forget and use data without making the request then you will be charged at the normal tariff, which in Europe is currently about £1.28 per MB.

The second thing is that Euro Pass is active from the moment you confirm that you want to use it until midnight (UK time) on the same day. So unless you are a real party animal and set it up at 00:01 you are unlikely to get a full 24 hours of usage. Secondly if you are up at 00:01 and try and use data without having reconfirmed your Euro Pass for the day you will be paying the full whack.

If you can get your head around those rules and restrictions then this looks like a good deal and three could be on to a winner. Is this something that you will be using? Should other mobile providers follow three’s lead? Let us know.

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