iOS 5.1 Disturbing my Sleep

Released at the same time as the new iPad was an update to the devices operating system, iOS 5.1. I don’t always update the OS on my devices but a number of the apps that I use would only continue to work if I upgraded, so I did.

One of the things listed as being included in this release was better battery life, although since upgrading I haven’t noticed any improvement and if anything it is slightly worse. However, I have been slightly taken aback by something that wasn’t listed in the release notes. It seems that since doing the upgrade my iPhone will now not switch off when resting in the dock and being charged.

Perhaps I should clarify that. It will turn off but immediately switches itself back on again! I usually turn my phone off overnight as it sits right by my head and I don’t want any calls or notifications to wake my from my slumber but this change/issue/bug/feature (take your pick) could really have a negative impact on my beauty sleep!

Has anyone else noticed this change?

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