iPhone Gloves

These gloves were a godsend last weekend. We were away in the frozen north of Newcastle where I wanted to simultaneously take photos with my iphone and keep my hands in my pockets – a difficult trick to pull off. iPhone gloves to the rescue!

Normal gloves are great at keeping fingers warm but don’t work on the touch screens used in most smartphones but these do. As you may be able to see from the picture the tips of the fingers are a different colour and material that allows them to work on the touch screen. And they work really well, certainly well enough to be able to unlock the screen and even fine movements such as pinch and zoom.

My only complaint would be that they are “one size fits all” which is clearly a fallacy. Also they are pretty thin so I wouldn’t be taking them to the south pole but clearly they were fine for Newcastle.

These were bought though a Groupon offer but I have seen them pop up all over the place. They’re not a particularly cheap option at between £8-£10 but they do the job well.

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