iPad 2 and the smart cover

So I have finally succumbed and swapped my iPad 1 for a sleek new iPad 2. The most noticeable change is the performance boost. My old iPad was beginning to get very sluggish and on apps that I use regularly, such as Pulse, it was becoming unusable. So it has become usable once again.

With it I also picked up a smart cover, the magnetised, folding cover come stand designed just for the iPad 2. And so far I just don’t know what I think about it. On the one hand it covers the screen offering protection, although only to the front. On the other hand it adds bulk and when using the device I am not sure what to do with it. It flaps around and adds weight to the whole thing when reading, which somewhat defeats the weight loss of the device itself over its predecessor. I could, of course, take it off but I am bound to leave it somewhere and end up scratching the front..

Previously I had a slip case for my iPad 1 and I am still not convinced that this isn’t the solution for me still. However, having spent a small fortune on the new cover I am loathed to give up on it just yet.

Anyone else got reservations about the smart cover? Add your thoughts in the comments.

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